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High Volume Air Sampler

Lear Siegler Australasia has extended their standard range of Flow Set High Volume Samplers with the introduction of PK2100 Programmable Controller incorporating the Air Sampling Control System (ASCS) software specially designed for the Lear Siegler Flow Set High Volume Air Sampler.

The PK2100 is a general-purpose single board computer housed in an industrial enclosure with liquid crystal display and 12 key keypad. The PK2100 is configured with an assortment of inputs and outputs, both analogue and digital for monitoring and control of the ASCS.

The PK2100 LCD and keypad provides an easy to use method to view and change system parameters, change operating modes and calibrate the unit. System real-time inputs connect directly to the PK2100 via screw terminals and inputs such as wind speed, wind direction, mass flow, temperature and air pressure can be monitored.

The Lear Siegler Flow Set High Volume Air Sampler has low energy consumption because the motor load is determined by the filter load and not by mechanical restrictions and it is quiet running which does not attract attention off or annoy neighbours.


Air Intake:

Uniform, 58,000mm 2 nominal air intake

Power Input:

240V, 50Hz

Nominal Current:

4 A (at 70n.m.c Air Flow and Clean Filter)

Start Current:

Switching Transient up to 5.0 A. Ramp up current 4 A

Vacuum Pump / Motor:

Three Phase, 50Hz, 1.3 kW

Motor Drive:

Variable Frequency, Soft Start

Flow Control:

Mass Flow Sensor and PID Controller (Unaffected by variation in the ambient air temperature and pressure)

Flow Control Precision:

Better than 1 SCMH

Noise Profile (when running at 70 SCMH with clean filter and silencer):

At 1 meter = 50dba
At 2 meters = 44dba
At 4 meters = 38dba
At 6 meters = 35dba
At 8 meters = 32dba

Filter Support:

230 x 280mm (removable) (2 off, one with transport cover supplied as standard)

Filter Size:

20.3 x 25.4cm (8 x 10 inch) (Nominal)

Cabinet Dimensions:

400 x 340 x 1050mm High

TSP Head Dimensions:

450 x 450mm square

PM10 Head Dimensions:

710mm Diameter + 500mm Height Increase to overall height

Overall Height:

1140mm Nominal


47 kg

Temp Range:

-10 0C to +40 0C

Flow Setting Range:

20-100 SCMH

Flow Indication Range:


Complies with:

TSP: AS/NZS 3580.9.3:2003 Section 5
PM10: AS/NZS 3580.9.6:2003 Section 5


Event Timer:

7 Day, Programmable

Hour Run Clock:

240V, Synchronous

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