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InsiteIG Model 1500 Single Channel Suspended Solids Analyzer with Model 15 Series Sensors

The InsiteIG Model 1500 suspended solids analyzer is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with a solid-state optical sensor. No other suspended solids system can compare with the features and benefits of this revolutionary design. The Model 15 sensor utilizes optical principals based on the near infrared (880nm) range. The Model 15 sensor is designed to measure the solids concentrations in biological reactors, open RAS or WAS channels, and clarifier influent channels.


  • Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • MLSS (Mixed liquid suspended solids)

  • RAS (Return activated sludge)

  • WAS (Waste activated sludge)

  • Clarifier effluent

  • Plant effluent

Key features

  • Optical sensor technology - based on near infrared (880nm) range:

         - Simple calibration.
         - Low maintenance.
         - I
ncreased dependability of the reading when color changes in the solids occur.

  • Designed for harsh conditions in wastewater.

  • Can use either automatic air or water cleaning to virtually eliminate routine maintenance necessitated by sensor fouling.

  • Continuous, on-line monitoring of solids concentrations allows for real-time control of such parameters as solids loading, sludge age, and return and waste concentrations.

  • Advanced microprocessor design:

         - Allows in-place calibration to specific applications.
         - Response time is 90% of full scale in less than 60 seconds.
         - Sensor drift is less than 1% per year.
         - Simple user interface.
         - Simple start-up.
         - Consistent and r
eliable digital communications up to 2000ft.

  • Come standard with tool free ¼" O.D. tubing connectors for the integrated jet clean and 33ft (10m) of sensor communications cable.

  • Maximum pressure up to 100psi.


  • The Model 15 Sensor is our standard mount. This model features all of the above with a PVC 1-½" NPT male mounting thread. For: MLSS - RAS - WAS.

  • The Model 15L Sensor is designed to measure very low solids concentrations typically found in secondary clarifier and plant effluents. This model has a PVC 1-½" NPT male mounting thread. For: CLARIFIER & PLANT EFFLUENT.

  • The Model 15PI Sensor is intended for inline monitoring in a large diameter pipe. For: RAS - WAS.

  • The Model 15T Suspended Solids Sensor is intended for sample by-pass lines of mixed liquor, return, or waste activated sludge. For: MLSS - RAS - WAS.

  • The Model 17 Suspended Solids Sensor combines the ease of use of a hot tap mount with the reliability of the InsiteIG SS Sensor. The mount is a 2" NPT male thread in 316 stainless steel that works with a customer supplied 2" Thread-O-Let, saddle or existing piping. The integrated jet clean includes an inline check valve. For: RAS - WAS.

  • Additional cable length is available upon request.

  • Contact us for more options and accessories.

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