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Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger Edge

The Levelogger Edge is a self contained water level datalogger, using infra-red data transfer powered by a 10 year lithium battery, offering the flexibility of installing by use of a Direct Read Cable, wireline or Kevlar cord. The Levelogger Edge has a memory capacity of 40,000 temperature and water level data points, or up to 120,000 using the compression algorithm in linear sampling mode.

The Levelogger Edge has improved stability and reliability with the introduction of the new Hastelloy® pressure sensor and Titanium based PVD coating. Both elements add increased corrosion resistance in harsh environments, as well as making readings more stable in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

The Levelogger Edge features a wider temperature compensated pressure range (0 to 50ºC, -10 to 50ºC for Barologger Edge),and improved thermal response time. The Hastelloy sensor can withstand 2 times over-pressure without permanent damage.


  • Aquifer characterization: pumping tests, slug tests, etc.

  • Watershed, drainage basin and recharge monitoring.

  • Stream gauging, lake and reservoir management.

  • Harbour and tidal fluctuation measurement.

  • Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring.

  • Water supply and tank level measurement.

  • Mine water and landfill leachate management.

  • Long-term water level monitoring in wells, surface water bodies and seawater environments.

Key features

  • Corrosion resistant Titanium based PVD coating.

  • New robust Hastelloy pressure sensor.

  • Improved temperature compensation and thermal response time.

  • Faster communication and downloading speeds with new high speed Optical Reader.

  • Memory for up to 120,000 readings.

  • Streamlined software with more sampling options.

  • Multiple data file barometric compensation.

  • Free Levelogger Software.


  • Wireline deployment.

  • Direct read cable deployment.

  • Well cap assembly.

  • Leveloader.

  • Barologger.

  • Telemetry.

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